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Here at K1 Restoration, we help homeowners with small electrical jobs, from outdoor outlets to rewiring lighting.

Our Electrical Services

  • Outdoor outlets

  • Installing light fixtures

  • Installing pot lights

  • Installing fluorescent lights

  • Rewiring lighting 


Outdoor Outlets

Installing or fixing outdoor outlets can be a dangerous task if you are not familiar with electrical best practices. Let K1 Restoration fix or install your outdoor outlets, so that you can enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest!


Light Installations

K1 Restoration helps customers with a variety of light installations, such as:

  • Light fixtures

  • Pot lights

  • Fluorescent lights


Rewiring Lighting

We are industry leaders in rewiring lighting. From new finds to old possessions, we are Ottawa's leading rewiring shop when it comes to lamps, lighting, and more. 



Why K1 Cleaning?

From home renovations and handyman services, to emergency cleanup and restoration, our team has seen it all. Our Ottawa-based professional workers have the tools and the expertise to take on whatever work you need completing. We will get the job done right—on time and on budget.

Start living comfortably. Get a free quote for your restoration and renovation needs.

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