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Carpet, Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning Services


Uplift your carpets with our residential carpet cleaning services

Do the carpets in your home need a refresh? Are there stains and odours that seem impossible to come out?


K1 Cleaning is here to help with your residential carpet cleaning needs around Ottawa.  From pet and urine stains to food and beverage stains, vomit and biohazard stains, to regular residential carpet maintenance, our team at K1 will ensure better-looking carpets for your home.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Ottawa

The carpet in your home makes your home feel comfortable and look beautiful. It also keeps your home warm, especially when the cold of Ottawa winters come around. Although having carpet at home has many benefits, your carpet requires additional cleaning and maintenance to ensure it keeps its fresh and clean look and feel.


If your regular cleaning and tidying are not quite working to keep your carpet looking brand new, it is time for a professional residential carpet cleaning service. At K1, we use high-quality carpet cleaning tools to make your carpets at home look new, without any damage or wear on the materials. 


Residential Carpet Cleaning Services 


Our team of experts at K1 Cleaning Ottawa is capable of removing the most impossible stains with our professional hot water extraction method. If your carpet is stained or soiled from pet and urine stains, food and beverage stains, vomit and biohazard stains, or simply needs a routine cleaning, we ensure that your residential carpet will come out looking brand new. 


While our professional hot water extraction method works, our deep cleaning and odourcide treatments will diminish pollutants and decrease odours caused by pets, cigarette smoke, or fire. View our list of extensive residential carpet cleaning services for your home below.


Pet and Urine Stains


We love our pets, but sometimes they make a mess. Beginning with pee training to the regular shedding, your carpets may look, smell and feel unclean. With constant shedding, the collection of pet hair on your carpet can lead to unwanted allergy symptoms. Furthermore, your pet pee stains may seem impossible to come out but are no match for K1’s residential carpet cleaning methods. Make your carpets free of pet residue today!


Vomit and Biohazard Stains

Get rid of stains that you don’t want to clean up yourself. K1’s residential carpet cleaning team is equipped to remove any liquids or solids that need to be removed from the carpet. The most efficient and effective tools will be used to keep your carpets safe from damage while removing the toughest stains. 

Routine Residential Carpet Cleaning


Keep your carpets clean at home clean at all times with our routine carpet cleaning service. Select how often you would like our cleaning experts to clean your carpets so that you can sit back and enjoy the look and feel of your carpets


Food and Beverage Stains


Enjoy your coffee and wine without worry. Our team will get the toughest food and beverage stains out of your carpet, in a short amount of time. Watch your carpets transform to new with K1’s residential carpet cleaning Ottawa. 


Other material cleaning services we offer:

Rug Cleaning Ottawa


Give your rugs the deep clean they need with K1’s quality rug cleaning. Our rug cleaning service will provide a thorough cleaning, one that accomplishes more than a regular vacuum and tidy. Get your carpets smelling fresh and looking their best right away. 

Upholstery Cleaning Services


Upholstered furniture can be beautiful in your home, but can be tough to clean. Get rid of impossible stains and clean dirty fabrics without damaging the materials or having to get your furniture reupholstered. 

Mattress Cleaning Services

We use our mattresses every single night yet they never get cleaned. If we spend so much time in bed, why not keep our mattresses clean? Remove any stains, bad smells, bacteria and allergens with our effective mattress cleaning services. Wake up feeling refreshed with a newly cleaned mattress.  

Why K1 Cleaning?

From regular interior cleaning and seasonal jobs to emergency cleanup and restoration, our team has seen it all. Our Ottawa-based professional cleaners have the tools and the expertise to take on whatever work you need to be completed. We will get the job done right—on time and on budget. Have a question for our team or want to get started on a cleaning or restoration project? Contact us today for a free estimate. 


What our clients say:


“Had a great experience today with K1 cleaning! The owner Spencer was very responsive and punctual when speaking with him. He answered all my questions, and it was super easy to book.


P.S my carpets look and smell great!”


  • Ziad


“We had a puppy that peed all over our carpet, and the stains were impossible to get out, but they removed it, and now the carpet looks new! I highly recommend them. They offer amazing cleaning services! Definitely calling them back in future :)”

  • Mahida

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Prompt and quality service is K1 Cleaning’s commitment to you. Call us now at 613-299-6497 or fill the form to get a free quote or to schedule an appointment.

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