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Keep your home or office space clean, comfortable, and safe with our restoration services.

Our Restoration Services

  • Water damage restoration

  • Fire damage restoration

  • Smoke damage restoration

  • Certified carpet cleaning


Water, Fire, & Smoke Restoration Services Ottawa  


When disaster hits, you can count on K1 Restoration. As a certified and trained restoration experts, the K1 Restoration team provides responsible and professional water, fire, and smoke restoration services in Ottawa and surrounding region. 

Water Restoration


Damage caused by floods, ice storms, building leaks, burst pipes, and severe wind can be catastrophic to your home or business. K1 Restoration is experienced in cleaning up incidents like these to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our team of professionals will:


  • Extract water from your building

  • Assess the damage

  • Remove damaged flooring and
    drywall to prevent the spread of mould

  • Thoroughly dry the affected area

  • Test air quality

  • Solve any odour issues that arise

  • Rebuild damaged areas with further
    protections against moisture

K1 offers direct billing to insurance companies for emergency fire and smoke restoration services.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

Building fires, and the smoke they produce, can severely damage a home or business. K1 Cleaning and Restoration has the expertise to assess and restore your property quickly after a fire.

Our restoration experts will:


  • Examine the damage

  • Remove smoke soot to prevent stains

  • Teardown unsalvageable areas of the property

  • Solve smoke odour issues

  • Test for and treat air quality using a professional HEPA vacuum

  • Rebuild damaged areas


K1 offers direct billing to insurance companies for emergency fire and smoke restoration services.

Our smoke odour removal methods can also remove unwanted scents caused by cigarette smoke.


Certified Carpet Cleaning

Are the carpets in your home or office looking dull? Dealing with stains and odours that just won’t come out?


Our team at K1 Restoration is here to help with your residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs in the Ottawa area.  From food and beverage stains, vomit and biohazard stains, and routine carpet cleaning, our team of experts has got you covered, at all times.

We offer:

  • Commercial carpet cleaning

  • Move in, move out carpet cleaning

  • Food and beverage stain removal

  • Vomit and biohazard stain removal



Why K1 Cleaning?

From home renovations and handyman services, to emergency cleanup and restoration, our team has seen it all. Our Ottawa-based professional workers have the tools and the expertise to take on whatever work you need completing. We will get the job done right—on time and on budget.

Start living comfortably. Get a free quote for your restoration and renovation needs.

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